Amanda Hester Smith created this shawl during autumn’s transition:

Fall on the farm is a time to cozy up around the fire and admire a period of death as the summer garden is plowed over, yet also beginnings as we sow seeds for new growth. We naturally find our rhythm moving inward: to the hearth, to the heart, to our hands. Let it draw us in…

It is with this season in mind that this piece was created as an element to add to your Hygge. This design uses the lovely Swans Island Sport yarn knit into a rhythmic, triangular textured shawl that finds itself resembling the wings of a moth, with a simple lace trim in the glowing chipotle.

Woman wrapped in shawl and standing in a foggy field.

Full details and purchase options on Moth to a Flame’s Ravelry page. Visit Amanda Hester Smith’s Ravelry designer page to view all of her available patterns.

Images courtesy of Amanda Hester Smith and used with permission.

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