Update: My availability will be reduced as I delve into a new career outside the fiber industry. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or if you wish to schedule a future project.

A closeup of Becky wearing her gray InStillness Drop pullover.

As a designer, you have a clear vision for your work. My role as a tech editor is to come alongside and help with the subtle details and revisions, which are so easy to overlook in your familiarity with each word and calculation. Careful editing improves communication, transmitting your intent as clearly as possible. I want every knitter to understand your meaning fully, making each Work In Process (WIP) more enjoyable and every Finished Object (FO) as successful as possible.

As an editor, I work with established and upcoming knitwear designers to bring their artistic visions to life by offering liberty from the detail-oriented tasks that can quickly bog down creativity, leaving them with freer headspace and handspace. Clients can choose from various services, including garment scaling, chart rendering, pdf formatting, and test knit oversight.

As a technical illustrator, I create beautiful schematics that are accurate to the design’s measurements and stitch patterns, highlighting or simplifying details to best complement your design and allow your knitters to confidently select their garment size.

Curious about schematics? Watch my Tech Tip Talk interview on YouTube to hear us talk all things schematics!

Find out more about my process on my FAQ page or contact me to schedule your next project.