Alicia Plummer released this shawl in September 2017 and was inspired by a perfectly autumnal scene:

The hand-hewn cabin sits low, nestled in tall white pines. Smoke curls up from the chimney before dissipating into the crisp autumn air. The ground is a bed of moss & pine needles, dotted with slate stepping stones laid from a previous generation. On the porch hangs a wide swing, carrying a faded family quilt & a book facedown, halfway read. The calm haven of the woods is familiar & safe, never changing.

Woman wearing colorwork shawl with sun filtering through the trees.

This cozy colorwork shawl is worked with worsted weight yarn and requires only 100 yards of each contrast color. Full details and purchase options on Pine Haven’s Ravelry pattern page. Visit Alicia Plummer’s Ravelry designer page to view all of her available patterns.

Images courtesy of Alicia Plummer and used with permission.

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