This shawl features several sections of texture to represent the vivid scene described by Alicia Plummer:

The sky is dull—dawn hasn’t broken—and through the thick pine trees, the lake’s waves lap rhythmically against the shoreline. Stratus clouds blanket the firmament like an old faded quilt. Grey & weathered, the canoe dock reaches out into the mist, disappearing at an ambiguous point. Steam dwindles into mist above the edge of the coffee mug, though this morning it is filled with calming herbal tea. A dog-eared book lays facedown on the porch table, next to the porch swing heaped with pillows & cabled throw blankets.

Lakefront is a generously sized shawl worked on US 5 / 3.75mm needles using three skeins of sport weight yarn. The pattern is written out – no chart reading required – and features simple repeats so you can divide your attention between your knitting and your surroundings. This would make a perfect vacation knit and will be especially indulgent if you use the recommended Plucky Primo Sport merino/cashmere/nylon yarn!

Ravelry pattern page: Lakefront
Ravelry designer page: Alicia Plummer

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