Alicia Plummer describes her inspiration scene beautifully:

A foghorn blasts in the distance. A slight fog hovers over the ocean like a seagull suspended by the breeze. The waves crash at water’s edge, and the faded grey wooden planks of the dock creak as it rocks gently in rhythm with the sea. Boats moored offshore bob quietly in colors of deep green, red, and yellow. Summer has swept in inconspicuously and the air is balmy; the sandy beach is full of seashells & treasures yet to be found, reflecting off the beacon flash of the whitewashed lighthouse.

Blond light skinned woman wearing a hand knit ecru pullover while standing on a boat dock. 

She translated this scene of waves crashing against faded boat docks, summer evenings on the beach, and the reliable beam of the Edgartown Harbor Light into her latest release. This DK weight pullover is a timeless transitional piece that will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. Edgartown Light's straightforward construction and low yardage requirements will allow you to easily finish before (or during!) your next trip to the beach. 

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