Alicia Plummer designed this pullover in honor of her friend Elena Nodel and was inspired by a favorite campsite:

An old, scratched up, rust red canoe bobs off the shoreline where the evergreen forest meets the water. Small ripples move out over the flat mirror like surface of the lake while clouds hover low. A lone island, just small enough for a campsite, sits a half mile offshore. Tall white pines tower above wind smoothed granite boulders and a short sandy beach enshrouded with blueberry bushes. A densely overgrown trail winds from the beach to a small clearing bathed in pine needles: the perfect place to tent. Coleman lantern, Bean boots, tweed sweater, frying pan, and flannel blankets lay carefully by the campsite as the first night’s fire is lit in the stone ring.

Woman wearing cabled sweater while sitting on a dock.

This gorgeous cabled sweater is available in bust sizes 32-56 inches / 81-142 cm. Swatching in pattern is highly recommended to achieve your desired fit. Full details and purchase options on Brumous’ Ravelry pattern page. Visit Alicia Plummer’s Ravelry designer page to view all of her available patterns.

Images courtesy of Alicia Plummer and used with permission.

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