Alicia vividly describes spring along the waterfront as her inspiration for this April 2018 release:

Bleached by the sun, the old wooden jetty reaches her long arm out into the ocean. Aged and weathered by continuous saltwater waves, posts encompassed by silky white sands, she stands through the seasons. Though the day is bright and the sunlight shimmers off the sea, purple storm clouds gather along the horizon’s edge. A warm breeze is ushering in a change in the weather, and a spring thunderstorm is brewing.

Woman wearing striped gold and silver sweater while standing on the shoreline.

Puddles & Piers is written for finished bust sizes 32-51″ / 82-130cm and can be worn with a varying amount of either positive or negative ease: consult the included schematic to select the size that best matches your intended fit. Additional details and purchase options on Puddles & Piers’s Ravelry pattern page. Visit Alicia Plummer’s Ravelry designer page to view all of her available patterns.

Images courtesy of Alicia Plummer and used with permission.

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