This incredible collection has a wide variety of designs while still maintaining a cohesive feel. Amanda Hester-Smith’s creative genius, combined with her desire to purposely take a step away from the busyness, is evident in every pattern. 
Shepherdess wearing knitted shawl and standing in a field with a grazing sheep

Good rituals are essential to our emotional, psychological, and spiritual state.

We left the heat and hustle of Brooklyn, NY and relocated to the countryside of Nashville in an effort to slow our lives down. This transition was easy since we were ready.

Our third child was born in a space and time that could have been very hectic and stressful, however we chose to simmer, instead of boil. We abstained from the urge to glorify “busy” and resisted getting sucked back into rushing through life. We chose to savor this time; to really live and enjoy it. We soon lost interest in the rush; rituals were born and rhythms were created through the sanctity we gave each day.

I knitted my way through all of it. Each slow day brought new stitches and new possibilities. Here in our little farmhouse, this collection was born.


I truly feel honored to have had the privilege of editing this compilation. Amanda has been blessed with a delightful creative vision and a clearly defined aesthetic that is absolutely genuine to her personality and viewpoints. Each pattern is unique yet they flow together to form a capsule wardrobe for both women and children. 

Ritual is a timeless anthology of 14 unique designs that I will return to again and again both for my own family and for gifts for others. And really, what higher praise can I give than to say I not only want to wear these designs but also to give them to those I love most? I honestly cannot wait to see what designs Amanda will reveal next.

All photos courtesy of Amanda Hester-Smith and are used with permission. Her husband, Sebastian Smith, perfectly captured the goal of this collection in each photograph.

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