Designing naturally flowed out from my desire to create, as I could not find a published pattern that matched my vision. I sat down, crunched numbers, made a spreadsheet, worked samples, wrote notes, and frogged. Rinse and repeat. Although I was satisfied with the finished fabric, I knew the written version would need something more than just test knitters. Queue Monahan Technical Editing. Becky is wickedly brilliant, talented, and focused on clearly presenting each finished pattern in a technically accurate and concise manner while maintaining the designer’s vision. She’s exactly what I needed to freely send my creative thoughts out to the world, especially since brevity is not one of my skills. She quickly sees through to the bones of the pattern and streamlines the details. She clarifies concepts, double checks numbers with the gauge to ensure all are in alignment, and refines pattern details so it is ready for publishing. I firmly believe that hiring Becky is the knitting designer’s equivalent of pressing the big red “easy button”, and would recommend her services every time.

― Megan Hasley