Editing Services

My main goal is to allow the designer’s voice to shine through their pattern unhindered by grammatical or formatting errors.  I have worked with several designers and they all pour their hearts into each new creation.  I want each and every knitter to fully understand the intent of the designer, to see the original vision as clearly as possible.  With this in mind, I will always edit patterns in the following ways:

  • Stylistic: Is the pattern’s visual format easy to follow?
  • Clarity: Are the instructions as precise as possible without being overly wordy?
  • Format: Are individual lines of the pattern written in a standard format?
  • Accuracy: Is every line of the pattern correct for every size?
  • Complete: Has anything been accidentally omitted?
  • Gauge & Needles: Do these match knitting averages or are they unique to the designer?
  • Yarn & Yardage: Are these appropriate for the pattern?
  • Garment Sizing: Are the sizes clearly labeled and in alignment with industry standards?
  • Charts: Do they match written instructions?  Do they need to be created?

I will work through your pattern from beginning to end and submit my edit list to you as a bulleted list highlighting each of the above areas as they apply to your design.  I will offer advice, encouragement, and critique so that your customers will receive the best possible version of your work.

What about Test Knitting?

I love test knitting but don’t have time to personally test knit all of your designs.  I do encourage you to consider test knitters either through your existing fan base or through the Free Pattern Testers group on Ravelry. However, I would advise you to do the first round of tech editing prior to sending your design out to test knitters for several reasons.  First, you want your test knitters to have the best possible initial reaction.  They are your emissaries, the promoters and cheerleaders of your new release. The second reason for editing prior to testing is time management.  If there is an ambiguous instruction or an omission in your pattern, would you rather deal with it once or have to respond to multiple people who are frustrated? In the end, it is a better use of your time and skill to design, tech edit, test knit, final edit, and publish your work in that order.

What about Crochet?

My crochet skills are only rudimentary so I encourage you to find an experienced crochet editor.

What will all this cost?

I currently charge $15 per hour. Garments typically require 2-4 hours of total editing time, on the low end if it’s mostly formatting and on the high end if there is a complex issue. Accessories will vary depending on the type but have still averaged 1-2 hours, potentially more for a multi-faceted design.  Every item will be unique but I will be as precise as possible in my estimates and in my communication.

How do I contact you?

Please send me a message via my contact form.  I will respond as quickly as possible, typically within two business days.