Dallas Ann Prentice explains the vision that guided Boardwalk's design features:

Ferris Wheels, tufts of cotton candy, and hot summer nights were the inspiration for this sweater. As always, the goal of practicality is threaded throughout the entire top down piece; lightweight and airy with enough structure to give shape without making you uncomfortable in the heat. Cap sleeves and high-low style offers practical design elements beautifully balanced against the whimsical colorwork and hem statements. The stranded colorwork is only on the front, to avoid accidentally snagging anything you might brush up against, and the bobbles at the hem provide just enough weight to keep the edges from curling while maintaining the charming scallop.

Caucasian woman wearing handknit tee in front of Ferris wheel.
This tee was one of my first projects to edit before it went to test knitters. There is so much I want to say –  how precise Dallas Ann's design vision is, how this process progressed so smoothly, how this tee is simple yet absolutely unique, how gorgeous each finished version has been – but Boardwalk speaks for itself. Visit the Ravelry pattern page for more details and inspiration.

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